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My name is Janelle Hall and I am the creator of Blessed Seasons Photography.  I am a self-taught portrait and lifestyle photographer who specializes in natural light photography.  Through Blessed Seasons Photography, I am passionately pursuing my dream to create timeless, creative, and beautiful images.  I attribute my gifts and abilities to the Lord Jesus Christ and it is my utmost desire to serve Him with all of my time, talents, and treasures.

I was born and raised in Southern California and absolutely love to travel anywhere that my camera can accompany me.  When I am not walking around with a camera strapped to my neck, I am most likely driving to any number of kids' activities.  I am the blessed mother of four beautiful children and the proud wife of a wonderful high school teacher and coach.  Each week, I love to serve in my church, homeschool, and work in the garden when I have the chance.  In my rare pockets of "extra" time, I can be found enjoying peppermint tea, watching a Jane Austen movie, and snacking on popcorn.  

My passion for photography began when I attended an introductory class one summer while I was in high school and my pursuit of acquiring knowledge regarding all things related to photography has increased consistently over the years.  As part of a fundraiser to adopt our youngest daughter from China, I began to pair inspirational Bible verses with landscape photography to create greeting cards and other unique merchandise.   I look forward to design and create a variety of inspirational images for greeting cards as well as artistic prints. 

I look forward to meeting you and meeting your photographic needs. 

Let me know how I can best serve you!

May you be blessed by Blessed Seasons!

(714) 453-8353

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Blessed Seasons Photography is a licensed and insured private entity operating out of the city of Orange in Southern California.